The only management tool matched bettors need

Matched bettors tend to place tens of bets each day, and it can be quite a task to keep on top of your profit - especially when using a spreadsheet. BetEnvy makes life hassle free and less time consuming.

  • In-built calculators.
  • Filter by a specific date/range.
  • Supports multi-user management.
  • Auto populated fields.

Hook in to your own API

Want to pull some data back, such as bets you have done, profit and loss, specific bets or even your monthly profit... well you can do all this for free. BetEnvy has a range of different API's you can use, especially good for webmasters.

  • It's private, using your own key to access data.
  • JSON data.
  • Specific bet data.
  • 'Latest x amount of bets' feed.
  • API for specific user you manage.
  • More coming...

Matched Betting Forum

What's a website without a forum, a place where exprienced and newbies can share and learn knowledge from one another. BetEnvy is no different, we have an intergrated forum built into the app. Don't feel shy, come in and say 'hello'!

  • Private chat room.
  • Betting advice and strategies.
  • Promos.
  • Cool design, with fun avatars.
  • Moderated topics.
  • Plus lots more.

Awesome Design & Great Functionalities

We've only covered a handful of features BetEnvy has to offer, remember everything is completely free.